Composer specialized in Film, TV and Videogames

About me

   Borned in Écija (Seville), he starts his musical studies at the age of seven in the Conservatory ‘Fray Juan Bermudo’ of his native city choosing the specialty of clarinet, being teached by José Antonio Linero and Miguel Ojeda. Three years later, he joins the Wind Band ‘AMUECI’ of Écija. Subsequently, he continues his studies in the Professional Conservatory ‘Músico Ziryab’ or Córdoba with teachers such as Manuel Jódar, Cristina Strike or Juan Carlos Carillo. In 2015, after finishing his studies there, he continues his higher education in the Superior Conservatory ‘Rafael Orozco’ of Córdoba with the clarinetist David Calvo. He finishes these studies in 2019 in the Superior Conservatory ‘Manuel Castillo’ of Seville with the professor Francisco José Cantó. Encouraged by his increasing interest in musical creation, he enrolls in the Master in Composition for Audiovisual Media in the Centro Superior ‘Katarina Gurska’ of Madrid, at the hands of brilliant composers such as Eva Gancedo (winner of the Goya Award for the best original soundtrack) or Jaime Gutiérrez (orchestrator of the renowed composer Fernando Velázquez) amongst others. He finishes these studies in 2020. Continuing his training in this field, he does studies in Game Audio Production in the prestigious American school ‘Berklee Online’. On the other hand, he also studies in Piano in the Professional Conservatory ‘Cristóbal de Morales’ of Seville. He has attended several masterclasses of clarinetists such as Antonio Salguero, José Luis Estellés or Luís Gomes, amongst others. In the field of conducting, he has received classes from remarkable profesionals such as Borja Quintas, Jorge Nicolás Manrique or Juan Carlos Sempere Bomboí. In the field of composition, in addition to the professionals mentioned above, he has received classes of the reputed Sevillian composer Alberto Carretero.

          Member of the Clarinet Quartet Qasab Basit’ since 2017, they compete in the IV Chamber Music Contest José Gámez’ where they become finalists. Moreover, they make the only available recording to date of ‘Lûdus ad Quattuor’, piece written by the Valencian composer Martínez Gallego. The aforementioned formation has also offered various several concerts among which stand out the ones performed during the XII Cultural Week of the Conservatory ‘Fray Juan Bermudo’ of Écija and in the Dig of Ocuri (Ubrique). He also has been member of the Joint Symphonic Orchestra since 2017 until 2019. With this orchestra, he gives concerts among which stands out the project ‘The Bernstein Beat’ performed in the Teatro de la Maestranza of Seville. This project waas directed by John Axelrod, former conductor of the Royal Symphonic Orchestra of Seville and counted on the special participation of Jamie Bernstein, daughter of the renowed composer and conductor Leonard Bernstein.

          As a composer specialized in audiovisual media, ha he has written music for several short films such as ‘Éxtasis’ (2020) directed by Bianca Bombín and whose soundtrack was recorded and mixed in the Instituto Radio Televisión Española of Madrid, ‘The Adventures of Alexandra and Lucas’ (2021), directed by the American director Marion Anouk Couturier or ‘A Life for Lily’, directed by the same person. Furthermore, he has written soundtracks for several videogame titles such as ‘VoidOut’ (2020), developed by Loopgang Studios, ‘2051’ (2021), or ‘Super Hiper Luminum Gun’ (2022), developed by Violent Hamster Team, amongst others. Moreover, in 2021 he conducts a soundtracks workshop dedicated for little children during the Cultural Week of the school ‘San Agustín’ of Écija.

          Likewise, he is author of a considerable number of concert pieces. In the field of Chamber Music, ‘Nature’ stands out. It was recorded in 2020 in PKO Studios and it was the award-winning engineer Caco Refojo who mixed and mastered it. Nevertheless, he has also written for wide templates, for instance, ‘Sandstorms’ for orchestra, choir and ethnic instruments and published in the same year. During the year 2022, he has released some works. The 25th of March is the premiere of ‘Misty Dyes’ in the city of Livorno (Italy), a piece for prepared piano performed by the pianist Carlos Baños during the European Tour of Young Piano Project 2021-2022, and it was performed again next day in Lucca. Besides, the 3rd of June he premieres two pieces in the House of the Mermaids of Seville. First, Ignacio Cuadrado performed his piece for classical guitar called ‘Resonancias Gaélicas’, inspired by the first movement of the Gaelic Symphony op. 32 of Amy Beach. Subsequently, it is premiered ‘La catedral efímera’, composed alltogether with more composers and performed by themselves.

          Notwithstanding his classical training, he has also experience in modern music, specially in genres such as pop, rock or heavy metal. He begins to play electric guitar in a self-taught way at the age of 15 and he is founding member of the symphonic metal band Rivermoon that remains active until 2015. In this formation, he played the roles of composer, lyricist and keyboardist and they offered different concerts in cities like Écija, Marinaleda or Santaella. Moreover, he has also worked as arranger for renowed pop artists such as Rocío Ojuelos in the single ‘Duele’ or María Villalón, figuring in the credits of his recent EP ‘Tratado de Paz’ as strings arranger in the song ‘Romance de la Luna, Luna’, both being productions by Rodrigo Carmona

At present, he holds the position of Assistant Conductor in the Wind Band ‘AMUECI’.

     Finalist in the IV Chamber Music Contest ‘José Gámez’ (2018).
     Recognition by the Wind Band ‘AMUECI’ for the premiere of ‘Echoes of Liberation’ (2022).
     Akademia Music Award in the field of Classical Music for ‘Echoes of Liberation’ (2023).
     Silver Medal from the Global Music Awards in the field of Composition for ‘Echoes of Liberation’ (2023).