Composer specialized in Film, TV and Videogames


Film, TV & Videogames

   Undoubtedly, writing music for great stories is something that I am fascinated by. It does not matter the genre: from the most intriguing horror tale to the most amusing comedy, music always plays a vital role in the narrative.

   Thus, each day I awaken with more excitement for encouraging myself to go one step further in what makes me happy: composing.

by Bianca Bombín
by Marion Anouk Couturier
by Marion Anouk Couturier
by Ricardo Alba

by Loopgang Studios
developed in the Global GameJam 2021
by Violent Hamster Studios
by Violent Hamster Studios

Since childhood, my other great passion (along with music) is computing, programming and, specially, videogames. Profound sagas such as World of Warcraft have left a mark on me at a musical and sound level.



Pieces, arrangements…

for String Quintet, Piano & Harp

for Orchestra, Choir & Ethnic Instruments
for Prepared Piano
for Classical Guitar
for Wind Band
for Solo Violin

   How could it be otherwise, another of my biggest passions is writing every type of concert pieces, songs, etc.

   I consider myself as a devoted passionate of orchestra and symphonic music in general, and I always try to learn by listening and analyzing music of brilliant composers.

Strings Arrangement by Juan Mena

Strings Arrangement by Juan Mena

 Besides classical music, I am a intensely passionate of modern music. Therefore, I deeply enjoy doing orchestration or arrangement works for artists of all types of musical genres.